Hauwa Bello

Dr. Tunde MasseyFerguson Ojo

Clinical Health Psychologist / Psychotherapist


Our team of mental health professionals is not only highly qualified and skilled but also brings invaluable experience to the forefront of compassionate care. With a commitment to your well-being, our experts are dedicated to providing top-notch support and guidance on your mental health journey.

Our team

Meet me Hauwa Bello Alias Mumtaz, the brain behind Mumtaz's mind and wellness studio.I am a leading specialist in an individual's emotional, psychological, spiritual health, and physical well-being in Abuja, Nigeria.I have worked with countless individuals helping them heal from trauma, conquer addictions, cope/heal from mental health disorders, manage stress, and live life to their highest potential.I would love to work with You! Helping you grow and achieving whatever goals brings you in to see me as your therapist.Schedule a session with me today!

Dr. Tunde MasseyFerguson Ojo is a dedicated psychiatrist with a profound commitment to improving mental health. With a wealth of experience, including serving as the National Coordinator for the National Mental Health Programme, his strategic leadership and psychiatry expertise sets him apart.